Though the manuals are labelled classwise, they are arranged modulewise. They are as per the NCERT curriculum.

UAM uses two-step pedagogy for learning by doing and learning by understanding.

Step 1 – Children ‘do’ activities in the familiar language of things and actions. While doing it they understand the concept.

Step 2 – This understanding is then systematically translated into the language of numbers and symbols, the alphanumeric language.

Use Teachers’ Manuals for step 1. Use workbooks for step 2.

मराठी English Bengali Hindi Mizo Gujarati
 गणित गंमत वर्कबुक इयत्ता पहिली Math Delight I

Math Delight I – NLF-Edugenie

 Class 1 Bengali Math Delight I – Mizo English Bilingual
गणित गंमत वर्कबुक इयत्ता दुसरी Math Delight II

Math Delight II – NLF – Edugenie

 Class 2 Bengali Math Delight II – Mizo English Bilingual
गणित गंमत वर्कबुक  इयत्ता तिसरी Math Delight III

Math Delight III – NLF – Edugenie

 Class 3 Bengali Math Delight III – Mizo English Bilingual
गणित गंमत वर्कबुक इयत्ता चौथी Math Delight IV

Math Delight IV – NLF – Edugenie

Class 4 Bengali Math Delight IV – Mizo English Bilingual
 गणित गंमत ५ – Math Delight 5 – bilingual Math Delight V

Math Delight V – NLF – Edugenie

Ganit Setu Class V Hindi Math Delight V – Mizo English Bilingual
गणित गंमत ६ – Math Delight class 6 – bilingual Math Delight VI

Math Delight VI – NLF – Edugenie

Math deligh Class VI- Hindi English Bilingual Math Delight VI – Mizo English Bilingual गणित गंमत ६ – गुजराती
गणित गंमत ७ – Math Delight class 7 bilingual Math Delight VII

Math Delight VII – NLF – Edugenie

Math Delight VII – Mizo English Bilingual गणित गंमत ७ – गुजराती
गणित गंमत ८ – Math Delight class 8 – bilingual Math Delight VIII Math Delight VIII – Mizo English Bilingual

Activities and Worksheets for Fractions for Teachers’ Workshops

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