Day Time Astronomy

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Day Time Astronomy

The sky fascinates everyone! Events in the sky which happen during day time give a special opportunity of taking people from “Wow to Why and How”.Wow is the experience. Why is the beginning of exploration? How is the learning?

The sun is an unparalleled resource for universalizing science. The sun, the earth and the moon are available in every school and human habitation.

It is easy to start to study Daytime Astronomy. DTA needs no special equipment. At no cost and low cost, simple tools can be constructed by children themselves to do non-trivial experiments. Every school can develop its own earth sun laboratory, which is a TERRASUN LAB.

The experiments that children can perform with the sun can begin early in primary school. They can escalate seamlessly and naturally into experiments for the higher classes.

The sun evidently can play an important role in fulfilling the quality mandate of the Right to Education Act 2009, ‘Quality Education for Every Child.’

This is Universalization of the Universe for Universalization of Quality Education.


DTA Articles

Videos of 17 experiments on Day Time Astronomy – In English


1. Nano Solar System

2. Pinhole

3. Magic Mirror

4. Ball Mirror

5 .Telescope

6 .Convex Lens

7. Secret of the Trio

8. Magic of 110

9. Solar Noon

10. Geosynchron

11. Angle Dangle Meter

12. Disappearing Stars

13. Safe Viewing

14. CD Spectroscope

15. Transit Of Venus

16. Telescopic Distance Finder

17. Message of the Sun

Videos of 17 experiments on Day Time Astronomy – In Hindi


१. नैनो सौर मंडल

२. पिनहोल

३. जादुई आईना

४. गेंद और आईने का सूर्य प्रक्षेपक

५ .दूर्बीन

६. उत्तल लेन्स

७. तीन के समूह का रहस्य

८. जादुई संख्या ११०

९. सौर मध्यान्ह

१०. समांतर पृथ्वी

११. पत्थर और डोरी का कोणमापक

१२. अदृश्य तारे

१३. सुरज देखनेके सुरक्षित तरीके

१४. सी.डी. स्पेक्ट्रोस्कोप

१५. शुक्र का पारगमन

१५. दूरदर्शी अंतरमापक

१७. सूर्य संदेश

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