A Self Reliant Social Enterprise

Navnirmiti Learning Foundation has been registered as a ‘not for profit’ Section 25 company with a definite vision, values and commitment


Education must be like sunlight. Freely available to everyone! The world around us is full of wonders but empty of miracles. The real world, ‘real reality’, is more interesting and powerful than virtual reality. It is the best learning aid, available to everyone, everywhere. Everybody can learn science by doing experiments with the real world around us and asking questions. Everybody can do math if they learn it by understanding and can understand math if they learn it by doing. Everyone can think rationally for building a better world.


NLF is a self-reliant social enterprise with a definite vision. We work for the universalization of quality education. We seek to actively promote the values of the Indian constitution – secular democracy, equality, scientific temper, the spirit of inquiry, reform and humanism. We are systematically developing methods for learning math and science by understanding.

  • Focus on Understanding –  Language of things, Pictures, Numbers and Symbols.
  • New Approach – Learning by hands-on understanding.
  • People for non-profits – Education is a Right, not a privilege.

This work needs the cooperation of a large number of like-minded autonomous organisations.


Commitment to the values of the Indian constitution – democratic values, equality, secularism, scientific temper

Commitment to Universalization of quality math and science education.

Democratic organizational functioning and rational discussion for deciding all questions.

Self-reliance in our functioning and viable, sustainable and decent employment generation.

Socialist enterprise as a basis for self-reliance.

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