UAM Implementation Systems

SOPs and Systems for UAM

It has been proved in practice in real-life situations that UAM pedagogy works. But for mass scale implementation, the logistical aspect is no less important than the pedagogical aspect. For building a mass programme, the pedagogy is converted into standard operating practices (SOPs), incorporating the best practices available locally, nationally and internationally for each concept and competency. For each class, this is converted into 150 hours of instruction in an academic year. A teacher’s manual and accompanying students’ workbooks ensure that the SOPs are implemented in proper sequence. Our experience in implementing this programme in hundreds of schools has emphasized the need for continuous school and classroom visits by a math facilitator to help the teacher. Where the programme has been rigorously implemented average achievement levels have reached the norms defining universalisation over a span of four years.

The System for Mass Implementation used in continuous improvement programmes are –

1) Systematically developed structured sequence of activities for two step pedagogy
2) Specially Designed Mathkit
3) Teachers’ Manuals
4) Workbooks for Children
5) Meetings of all stakeholders to design the programme
6) Intensive Workshops for Teachers
7) Diagnostic Assessments designed with teachers’ participation
8) Ongoing Interaction Workshops
9) End Year Random Sample Evaluation with involvement of all stakeholders
10) Improved Implementation based on assessment outcomes

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