Class 3 : 30 students.

20 students have learnt by UAM methods and there are 10 new students who have come from other schools.

The teacher started introducing subtraction. She asked. ‘What is subtraction?’ All 10 new students said, “minus”. The 20 students who have learnt by UAM ways, gave various answers like “taking away, throwing away, pushing away…”. One boy said “SUN”.

The teacher first neglected this child thinking that he is talking ‘bakawas’. Teacher discussed what is subtraction with all other children one by one and then she came to this child. She asked, “How SUN?”. The boy replied, “ The Sun is subtraction”.

Guess how? 

The boy said, “ The sun is subtraction because it takes away water from the earth!”

Then he said, “And rain is an addition.”

In Sushma’s words: This child is amazing. And another remarkable point is that none of the Vishwajyot students said ‘addition is minus’.

Another story of the same boy:

While learning about volcanoes he said, “ Electricity is like a volcano. It irrupts once in a while. Generally, it’s not there….”

His parents work in MSEB!

About Vishwajyot school:

The Principal, Sushma Dhumal, is a math lover. They are also implementing UAM in their school. Sushma Dhumal also works with Navnirmiti as a resource person.

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