Quality for Equality

Quality for All

We Conduct Following Workshops :

  • Every child learning math by understanding
  • Universal Active Math – Preprimary math
  • Universal Active Math – Primary math
  • Universal Active Math – Upper Primary math
  • Universal Active Math – High School math
  • Jodo construction kit and the Architecture of Matter
  • Math Demystified
  • Algebra Demystified
  • Joymetry – Geometry Demystified
  • Fractions demystified
  • Mathematics through Day Time Astronomy (DTA) – Connecting Physics, Geometry and Geography
  • Universal Astronomy – Astronomy activities for every school
  • Make your own telescope
  • Jodo mathematics
  • Using a mathlab
  • Active math workshops for children
  • Workshop for parents : What should your child know
  • Any other custom made workshop as per requirement of schools, teachers, parents