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Wherever  UAM is rigorously implemented, children’s favourite subject is MATH!
Even upto highschool level, most of the children love mathematics. This is difficult to measure.
UAM success was systematically measured in terms of achievement levels of children in Programmes at Chandrapur and Goa. This was a test of ‘understanding’ of the concepts conducted as practical, mental math and written test.

At both places there was substantial improvement every year. It proved that it is possible to take every child above 80% level in math competencies. For details of assessments and achievements write to us.

One Example – Cancona block, Goa (2010):

First year : overall average achievement level for four classes reaches 75%.
Second year : further improvement by 7% to reach 82%.
Class 1 : 80%,
Class 2 : 85%,
Class 3 : 80%
Class 4 : 81%.

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