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Universal Active Math

Universal Active Math (UAM) is a comprehensive programme for universalization of school math at a mass scale. This can be implemented as a systematic programme at a class, school, cluster, block, district, state and country level.

Every child can master mathematics if it is learnt by understanding and only by understanding.

Universalization needs appropriate pedagogy.
The well known Chinese proverb, ‘I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand’, is the basis of this pedagogy. ¬†Children solve a problem in the language of things / actions and discover the concept by themselves. Structured sequence of such problems is important to every child constructing her own math concepts.

Good pedagogy and materials are necessary for universalization, but not sufficient. Universalization needs systems. Every teacher and officer should know the systems and should be able to use them effectively.

A roadmap designed collelctively by all stakeholders, high quality inputs, systematic and rigorous implementation, diagnostic assessments of ‘understanding’, shaping the programme considering the outcomes and continuous effort leads to universalization.

A note on UAM programme pdf