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Sawyer Memorial

The Sawyer Memorial, based in Pune, India, consists of an archive of Prof. Sawyer’s hand written notes, stored in boxes; photographs; his books, translated in various languages; articles and other original materials; donated to Navnirmiti by his daughter and son-in-law, Anne and Pedro Leon.

Dr. Vivek Monteiro, the founder of Navnirmiti Learning Foundation, Writes : “Prof W.W. Sawyer, a much loved teacher of mathematics, and  internationally renowned author of popular books on mathematics like “Mathematician’s Delight”, “Prelude to Mathematics”, “Vision in Elementary Mathematics” etc. passed away on the 15th of February 2008, at the age of  96. In the year 2005, we were fortunate to be able to contact him by e- mail,  at Toronto, Canada,where he was staying with his daughter Anne Leon. In our correspondence with Anne, Geeta Mahashabde and myself informed her that we are thinking of setting up a WW Sawyer library in India to propagate Sawyer’s important writings.After he passed away, we were honoured to be offered by Anne, the complete  collection of handwritten notes of Prof. Sawyer, which are stored in a number of box files, as well as copies of his books in various translations. (17 languages, I think). Dr. Kiran Phatak and Ajit Phatak, who own the premises where Gunwatta Store and NLF’s office is located, have supported us to set up a W.W. Sawyer Memorial Archive at the Umed Building, Raman Baug Chowk, Pune”.

From 2014, the Sawyer Memorial will be run by the Sawyer Memorial trust. Trustees are : Dr. Vivek Monteiro, Geeta Mamashabde, Joseph Pinto, Dr. R. Ramanujam, Dr. Chaitanya Guttikar, Dr. Lalita Deshpande and Dr. Kiran Phatak.

Website : www.wwsawyer.org

Sawyer Memorial

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