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Priti Shankar Library

Priti Shankar Library of Popular Math and Science

Dr. Priti Shankar was a former HOD and Professor at the Centre for Automation at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. She was also an editor of “Resonance”, a premium journal of math and science education. She anchored the special issues of Resonance on W. W. Sawyer and D. D. Kosambi. She will always be remembered with deep affection and respect by a wide circle of students, colleagues and friends, for her rare intellectual and human qualities.

The library is housed in the small hall on the second floor of the UMED building which also houses the Sawyer Memorial on the third floor. The initial fund for setting up the Sawyer Memorial was provided by Navnirmiti. Dr. Priti Shankar and Dr. P. N. Shankar also made a contribution. Navnirmti also provided the initial fund for setting up Dr. Priti Shankar library.

An initial collection of books for the library has been donated by Dr. Vivek Monteiro, Joseph Pinto, Dr. Chaitanya Guttikar and Geeta Mahashabde.  It includes a substantial collection of classics in English and Marathi, broadly in the areas of popular math, recreational math, structure of matter (physics and chemistry), life sciences, evolution of life and humans, history of the universe, history of earth and geology, astronomy and cosmology, philosophy and method of science, scientific ethics, history of science, history of mathematics etc. It includes classic collections of renowned writers like W. W. Sawyer, Martin Gardner, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Rachel Carson, Ian Stewart, Lancelot Hogben, James Jeans, J. D. Bernal, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Jagjit Singh, Jayant Naralikar, James Newman, Ya Perelman, Eric Temple Bell, Arvind Gupta etc. Thirteenth and fifteenth editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and many Scientific American books are also included in the collection. Classics from Dover, Pelican, MIR publishers etc. from over a century are included in this initial collection. We are confident of building up one of the best collections of popular math and science in the country entirely by collecting donated books from well-wishers of this project. Indeed there are excellent collections of books on the above subjects  in personal libraries . We request and look forward to receiving donations of books and CDs from such libraries to the Dr. Priti Shankar Library so that these priceless materials can reach a wider public.

Priti Shankar Library

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